Monday, March 26, 2012

Zen is not Obscure, Incommunicable, or Esoteric

Nothing in the whole universe is hidden or obscure...

Nothing is hidden or obscure. The teachings of authentic Zen masters is straightforward and easy to understand; Buddha is our body-mind, and this body-mind is the mountain, the wall, or whatever things, beings, and events (i.e. dharmas) constitute our experience here and now.

The mind that is sun, moon, and stars is simply sun, moon, and stars: there is no fog nor is there any mist to obscure its clarity.
~Shobogenzo, Soku Shin Ze Butsu, Hubert Nearman

Is it really that simple? The eyes are horizontal, the nose is vertical.

Now you know clearly: what is called ‘mind’ is the great earth with its mountains and rivers; it is the sun, the moon, and the stars.
Shobogenzo, Soku Shin Ze Butsu, Hubert Nearman
There is nothing hazy or obscure, much less "incommunicable" or "unknowable" concerning the true nature of the self and the world. Look, look! Listen, listen!


Unknown said...

Right on. This notion of zen as "hazy amd incommunicable" goes hand in hand with " oh so mellow and full of Metta " posturing.

Ted Biringer said...

Greetings Steven,

Thank you for the encouraging words. I couldn't agree more.