Saturday, July 04, 2009

Shobogenzo/Dogen Blog Article at MRI Tech's Blog

Hello everyone,

This blog: Buddhism Dogen and the Shobogenzo, Was included in a recent article on MRI Tech's Health Blog. (Although most of my own recent blogging has been restricted to The Flatbed Sutra Zen Blog)

Titled "50 Best Blogs for Zen-Like Living" the article is begins, "Whether you are a Zen Buddhist or just want to lead a Zen life, these 50 spiritual and simplifying blogs and community web sites will point you down the path of enlightenment..."

It goes on to include links to 50 "Zen like" blogs. Many of which are new to me.

MRI Tech's Health Blog's self description states:

"The MRI Tech's Health Blog aims to be a collaborative forum which introduces new research, ideas, information, resources and technology from within the neuro-science, psychology, health and other related fields to a broader audience. It is our goal to highlight health developments and resources in a straightforward easy to understand way. So we hope you enjoy. "

MRI Tech's Health Blog contains a lot of easily searchable links and information.
Check it out at: MRI Tech's Blog


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