Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dogen and Shobogenzo Zen Links

Dogen and Shobogenzo related links to online Zen resources

Soto Zen Text Project (Excellent Online Translations from Dogen’s Works)

The Zensite (Massive collection of Dogen related material, including translations)

Mining Ashvaghosha’s Gold [A Dogen/Shobogenzo Related Blog by Mike Cross, translator (with Gudo Nishijima) of "Master Dogen's Shobogenzo"]

98 Dogen/Shobogenzo Related Posts from The Flatbed Sutra Zen Blog

Poet Seers (Some English translations of Dogen’s poems)

Poetry Chaikhana (Some more poems by Dogen)

Online Shobogenzo – 95 Chapter Version, translated by Gudo Nishijima & Mike (Chodo) Cross

Online Shobogenzo – 96 Chapter Version, translated by Rev. Hubert Nearman

Shobogenzo Comparison Table of the 95, 96, and 75 Chapter Versions [A table comparison of the included fascicles (chapters), their numerical order, and the English translations of the 96 chapter version (by Hubert Nearman), the 95 chapter version (by Gudo Nishijima & Mike Cross) and the "standard" 75 chapter version of Shobogenzo. Includes links to various online translations (more links coming soon).]
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