Sunday, November 05, 2006

Proverbs of Samsara

Hello all! Being an admirer of William Blake and Buddhism, I thought it would be fun to follow his example of The Proverbs of Hell (from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell), and make up some "Proverbs of Samsara." If you have any comments, cool. If you have some "proverbs" to add, even cooler! Remember, don't take yourself too serious...

Proverbs of Samsara

1. Emptiness delights in myriad forms.

2. Meticulous Conduct & Observance is the mask of Pride.

3. "Outside words and letters" is the most adamantine of Idols.

4. The Sword that kills is the Sword that gives Life.

5. The cut cat forgives the knife.

6. The worship of Enlightenment will keep a person in Ignorance.

7. In still pools, larvae flourish.

8. In each particle, all particles, in all, each.

9. Without Emptiness, Passion is a vicious circle; without Form, even the dew dripping on lotus blossoms becomes loathsome.

10. An ordinary mortal who sees all things in each thing is a Buddha. A Buddha who sees anything outside all things is an ordinary mortal.

11. Discern the Greatness of a person's god by the Greatness of their Passion, or the smallness.

12. Those whose goal is Nothing Special, are themselves, nothing special.

13. Only by way of Great Doubt, can one arrive at Great Certainty.

14. Lucidity of preference is the measure of freedom.

15. Loving lies reveal; hateful honesty conceals.

16. Trust the man that has deceived you, to deceive you.

17. Hate only those that can be hated with love.


MikeDoe said...


it's nice to see a blog here.

"Whilst questions remain answers are impossible"

"Where a balloon exists the pin also exists. When there is no balloon there is no pin."

TedinAnacortes said...

Hey mike,

Thanks for the post.

Whilst answers are possible questions remain.

Baloons and pins. POP!

Gassho, Ted

MikeDoe said...

"Does this dress make me look fat?"

Not all possible answers are helpful.

TedinAnacortes said...


I have personally resolved the koan:

"Does this dress make me look fat."

The enlightened response is, "Absolutely not! You make it look beautiful!"

MikeDoe said...

Maybe that is one reason why I am no longer married?

I never realised it was a Koan.

TedinAnacortes said...


Don't feel bad, I did not realize it until my fifth marriage...

Gassho, Ted

MikeDoe said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

I think in future I will try a different technique.

As you know buying lingerie is always fraught with difficulties. If you get the size or style or color wrong then problems can arise.

My radical solution is to turn this on its head.

I think the answer is to go into the lingerie shop and find something really nice.

I then can go out and find a partner who fits the lingerie perfectly.

You just know it makes sense.

TedinAnacortes said...


You really have developed an evolutionary mode of upaya!

Thank you!


MikeDoe said...


Another bloody word for me to look up. ;-)

MikeDoe said...


make sure that you don't see things that are not there.

If I saw fairies at the bottom of my garden I am not sure I would want to talk about it even if the fairies were real!

I am however greatly enjoying reading your blog and your interactions elsewhere.


TedinAnacortes said...


Thanks for the warning...

I have tried to be careful, but it seems that every thing I see is not really there...

I will work on it. Ha!

Take care, Ted